How to Migrate Print Server

More and more people are migrating from traditional print server to a cloud-hosted printer server. Cloud hosted service is a technology service that uses infrastructure situated outside the physical location of the user and can be hosted on the cloud. As the infrastructure is located at a cloud vendor’s data centre, the user can gain […]

Migration of FRS to DFSR SYSVOL

SYSVOL is a folder shared by domain controller to hold its logon scripts, group policies and other items related to AD. All the domain controllers in network will replicate the content of SYSVOL folder. The default path for SYSVOL folder is %SystemRoot%\SYSVOL. This folder path can define when you install the active directory. Windows Server 2003 […]

How to Migrate DHCP Server

Migrating the DHCP service from the old server to the new Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 host with the saving of all the DHCP scope settings of the old server is quite easy. If the old DHCP server is running Windows Server 2008/R2 or Windows Server 2012/R2, you can directly transfer DHCP settings, zones, and DHCP reservations. Deploying […]